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Most English learning boils down to the question of how to speak English. There are other goals as well, but learning how to speak English will help you communicate with others, and lead to better test scores on the TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Cambridge and other exams. In order to know how to speak English, you need to have a plan. This guide on how to speak English provides an outline that you can follow to learn to speak English. If you already speak English, this guide will help you more quickly improve your English speaking skills.多数情况英语学习最终都会归结为如何说英语。虽然学习英语还有别的目标,但是学会说英语不仅可以使你能与他人沟通,还能让你在托福、托业、雅思、剑桥等等英语考试中取得高分。要学会说英语,你需要一个计划。这篇指南提供一个大纲,供你学习说英语之用。如果你已经会说一点英语,这篇指南可以让你更快地提高英语口语水平。



Here's How:具体怎么做:

Discover Which Type Of English Learner You Are


When learning how to speak English you first need to find out what type of English learner you are. Ask yourself questions such as Why do I want to speak English? Do I need to speak English for my job? Do I want to speak English for travel and hobbies, or do I have something more serious in mind? find out.学英语时你首先应认清自己是什么类型的学习者。问问自己:为什么我想学英语?我在工作上要用到英语吗?我是为了旅游或者爱好学英语吗?我心里是不是有一些更严肃认真的想法呢?

Understand Your Goals


Once you know what type of English learner you are, you can begin to better understand your goals. Once you know your goals, you'll better understand what you need to do to speak English well. This is similar to understanding what type learner you are. Write down a list of the things you would like to do with your English. Would you like to speak English fluently in two years? Would you like to have enough English to travel and order food in a restaurant? Understanding exactly what you want to do with English will help you learn how to speak English because you will work towards your goals.一旦你认清了自己是什么类型的学习者,你可以更好地了解你的目标。一旦你明确了自己的目标,你会更清晰地知道要怎么做才能把英语说得更好。这与了解自己的学习类型相似。列一张清单,写明你都要英语来做什么。你想要在两年内说一口流利的恩英语?你想掌握足够的英语单词去旅行或者是点餐?明确你到底想用英语做什么可以帮助你学习英语,因为你可以朝着自己的目标前进。

Find Out Your Level


Before you begin to learn how to speak English, you'll need to know where to begin. Taking a level test can help you understand what level you are at and then you can start using resources appropriate for your level in order to learn how to speak English well. Of course, you'll not only learn how to speak English, but also how to read, write and use English in a variety of settings. These quizzes will help you find your level. Start with the beginning level test and then move on. Stop when you get less than 60% and begin at that level.在学英语之前,你应该了解从哪里开始。做一个水平测试可以帮助你了解自己目前的阶段。随后你就可以利用适合现阶段的资源学习如何将英语说的更好。当然,你不仅仅要学如何说英语,你还要学习不同场合下英文该如何读、写、用。这些测试可以帮助你认清自己的水平。从最基础的测试开始,一步步加深难度,直到无法得到60分,就可以从这个阶段学起。

Decide On Learning Strategy


Now that you understand your English learning goals, style and level it's time to decide on an English learning strategy. The simple answer to the question of how to speak English is that you need to speak it as often as possible. Of course, it's more difficult than that. Start off by deciding which type of learning strategy you will take. Do you want to study alone? Do you want to take a class? How much time do you have to dedicate to English study? How much are you willing to pay to learn to speak English? Answer these questions and you will understand your strategy.已经明白了自己的目标、类型和水平,就开始确定学习策略。要回答如何学会说英语,最简切了当的答案就是尽可能多开口,当然,说起来容易做起来难。先从确定你要采用的学习策略开始。你想要自学?还是报班?愿意花多少时间在英语学习上?愿意花多少钱?回答这些问题你就能明白自己的策略。

Put Together A Plan For Learning Grammar


If you want to know how to speak English, you'll also have to know how to use English grammar. Here are my five top tips on how to speak English with good grammar.想学会说英语,要学会语法。这里有五个建议,教你说一口流利标准的英语。Learn grammar from context. Do exercises that have you identify tenses and from within a short reading or listening selection.通过上下文学习语法。用文章片段和听力片段练习时态分析。When learning how to speak English you need to use your muscles. Read your grammar exercises aloud which will help you learn to use correct grammar when speaking.学习讲英语时需要用上你的肌肉。大声朗读语法练习可以让你在说英语时不犯语法错误。Don't do too much grammar! Understanding grammar doesn't mean you speak. Balance grammar with other English learning tasks.不要做太多语法练习!理解了语法点并不意味着你能说。要在语法练习和其他练习中找平衡。Do ten minutes of grammar each day. It's better to only do a little every day than a lot once a week.每天抽十分钟练语法。一天做一点要比攒着一周做一次的效果来得好。Use self-study resources at this site. There are lots of grammar resources you can use here on the site to help you improve.利用这个网站(about.com)的自学资源。这个网站里有许多语法学习资源供你使用,助你提高。

Put Together A Plan For Learning Speaking Skills


If you want to know how to speak English, you'll have to have a plan for speaking English every day. Here are my top five tips to make sure you speak - not just study - English every day.如果你想学会说英语,你要制定一个每天练口语的计划。这里有5条建议让你每天都能开口说英语而不是只从书上学习。Do all exercises using your voice. Grammar exercises, reading exercises, everything should be read aloud.朗读你的所有习题,无论是语法题还是阅读题。Speak to yourself. Don't worry about someone hearing you. Speak out loud in English to yourself often.自言自语。别在意别人听到你的声音,对自己大声读英语。Choose a topic each day and speak for one minute about that topic.每天选一个话题说一分钟。Use online exercises and speak in English using Skype or other programs.使用Skype或者其他程序在线练习。Make lots of mistakes! Don't worry about mistakes, make many and make them often.犯错误!别担心自己会犯错,多犯错,常犯错。

Put Together A Plan For Learning Vocabulary


To make sure you know how to speak English about a wide range of topics you'll need plenty of vocabulary. Here are some suggestions and resources to get you started.要想用英语谈天说地,你的词汇量要广。下面是一些建议和资源供你学习。Make vocabulary trees. Vocabulary trees and other fun exercises can help you group vocabulary together for faster learning.绘制词汇树形图。词汇树形图和其他有趣的练习可以让你把词汇分类,快速学习。Keep track of new vocabulary you've learned in a folder.把新学的词汇放进文件夹。Use visual dictionaries to help you learn more vocabulary faster.用词典可以更快地学习更多词汇。Choose to learn vocabulary about subjects you like. There's no need to study vocabulary that doesn't interest you.学习有关你兴趣的词汇。没必要学习你不感兴趣的词汇。Study a little bit of vocabulary every day. Try to learn just two or three new words / expressions every day.每天学一点单词。试着每天只学两到三个单词或短语。

Put Together A Plan For Learning Reading / Writing


If you want to learn how to speak English, you may not be too concerned with reading and writing. Still, it's a good idea to learn how to read and write in English, as well as learn how to speak English.如果你想学会如何说英语,你不必过多关注阅读与写作。但是,在学习口语的同时学会阅读与写作不失为一个好建议。Remember to use your own native language reading skills. You don't need to understand every single word.记住用上母语的阅读技巧。你不需要了解每一个词的意思。Practice writing short texts on blogs or for comments at popular English learning web sites. People expect errors at these sites and you'll feel very welcome.在博客上写短文或者在热门英语学习网站上写评论。人们喜欢在这些网站上纠错,而你会觉得自己很受欢迎。Read for pleasure in English. Choose a subject you like and read about it.为兴趣而读。找一个你喜欢的话题阅读。Don't translate directly from your own language when writing. Keep it simple.写作时不要从母语直接翻译过来,写作语言简洁点。

Put Together A Plan For Learning Pronunciation


Learning how to speak English also means learning how to pronounce English.学说英语意味着学会英语发音。Learn about the music of English and how it can help with English pronunciation skills.学着唱英文歌,学着用音乐提高你的英语发音水平。Find out about typical pronunciation mistakes people speaking your native tongue make.找出同母语者常犯的典型发音错误。Consider using a pronunciation program to help you learn better pronunciation through practice.试着用发声的应用帮你通过练习更好地掌握英语发音。Get a dictionary that has good phonetic tranions to help you understand the sounds of English.用一本正确标识音标的字典让你了解英语读音。Use your mouth! Speak out loud every day the more you practice the better your pronunciation will become.开口说!每天都要大声说,练得越多,你的发音就越好。

Create Opportunities To Speak English


Using English as often as possible is the key to learning how to speak English well. Join English learning communities online to practice speaking English with others with Skype. Join local clubs that focus on speaking English, speak to tourists and give them a helping hand. If you have friends who are learning to speak English, set aside 30 minutes every day to speak English together. Be creative and create as many opportunities as possible to speak English.尽可能多地使用英语是学会说英语的关键,加入在线的英语学习交流群体来锻炼英语口语,加入当地的英语俱乐部,与旅客交流向旅客提供帮助。如果你有一个在学英语的朋友,每天抽出半个小时一起说英语。要善于创造说英语的机会。


Be patient with yourself. It takes a while to learn how to speak English well. Remember to give yourself time and treat yourself well.对自己有耐心。说好英语需要时间。记住要给自己时间,并奖励自己。Do everything everyday, but only do ten to fifteen minutes of the more boring tasks. If you want to improve listening skills, just listen to the radio fifteen minutes rather than an hour. Do ten minutes of grammar exercises. Never do too much English. It's better to do just a little bit every day rather than a lot only twice a week.每天都要学,但是对枯燥的任务只要抽出10到15分钟即可。如果你要提高听力水平,每天只要听15分钟收音机,不用听一个小时。做十分钟语法练习。千万不要学太多。每天学一点比两周一次性学一堆的效果好。Make mistakes, make more mistakes and continue to make mistakes. The only way you will learn is by making mistakes.犯错,犯多多的错,并继续犯错。犯错误是唯一能让你学会的方式。Learn how to speak English about the things you like doing. If you enjoy speaking about the topic, it will be much easier for you to learn how to speak English well in a shorter amount of time.学习用英语说你喜欢做的事。如果你喜欢谈论这个话题,只需要很短的时间你就能学会如何用英语谈论它。

What You Need:你需要什么

Patience耐心Time时间Willingness to make mistakes愿意犯错Friends who can speak English with you能用英语和你交谈的朋友Books or internet resources in English英语书籍和网络资源

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